Aluminum Profile Extrusion, Aluminum and Steel Solutions

Prolind has had engineering in its DNA since 1989, beginning with tooling for the aerospace and automotive industries. Today it ranks among the largest producers of aluminum profiles and components.
With two fully automated extrusion presses in São José dos Campos and a complete manufacturing facility for aluminum components, Prolind also has a plant in Londrina that produces steel components.


“Engineering, manufacturing and marketing of aluminum and steel solutions for the transport, civil construction, energy and industrial markets, with a global reach.”


“To be one of the five best sustainable businesses in Brazil by 2020.”


Our word is our bond;
Results planned, results achieved;
Ethics in relationships and the doing of business;
Respect for initiatives that value innovation;
Success through teamwork and continuous training;
A welcoming and collaborative spirit;
A commitment to safety, quality and sustainability.