Integrated Management Policy

In the Prolind Industrial, we produce extruded profiles, components and sets of aluminium and steel for the general Market, attending our customers’ expectations.

Our activities are based on the principles of prevention and mitigation of risks to the customers, to the environment, to the safety and health and to the community where we act.

For that, we are committed in:

• Act in accordance with legal requirements and others applied to our business;

• Protect the environment, preventing the pollution, using resources sustainably and protecting the biodiversity;

• Identifying, monitoring and eliminating the dangers and risks to the safety and occupational health, as well as accidents, diseases and injuries, looking for the well-being of our contributors;

• Involving and stimulating our contributors and partners in reaching their objectives and guaranteeing the product’s quality;

• Invest in the continuous development, training, and awareness of our contributors;

• Apply the continuous development in our processes in order to increase the customer’s satisfaction, the environmental performance, sustainability of our business and the integrity of our employees.

Scope: “Production of extruded profiles, components and assemblies in aluminum and steel for the market in general.”