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Since 1989, with its origins in the development of tooling to serve the aerospace and automotive segments, Prolind has engineering in its DNA. Today it is among the largest producers of aluminum profiles and parts manufacturers. With two fully automated extrusion presses in São José dos Campos, São Paulo state, Brazil, and a complete aluminum parts manufacturing plant, Prolind also has a raw material sales division.
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“Turn aluminum into competitive solutions for our customers, creating a sustainable environment for employees, suppliers, community and shareholders”


“Be the best supplier of aluminum solutions in Brazil.”


  • Word given is word accomplished;
  • Customer oriented;
  • Conduct governed by ethics and respect in relationships;
  • Commitment to safety, quality and sustainability;
  • No payments with delay;
  • Results oriented and discipline with the plan and committed goals.


Prolind Timeline


Tooling for the automotive and aeronautical markets founded


Production of parts for the heavy automotive industry


Production of parts for the highway transport market


Production of parts for the light automotive market (gear cables)


Production for the elevator and telecom markets


Founding of Prolind Componentes (Londrina / PR) for the elevator and railroad markets


Foundation of Prolind Extrudados. Production of extruded aluminum profiles


Supply of aluminum frames and windows for the commercial automotive market


Implementation of the second extrusion line. 3,300-ton press - 9'' billets


Foundation of Prolind Metais: selling ingots, scrap and billets


Export of aluminum parts and profiles to Latin America

Process Flowchart

Raw material

Buying billets from globally recognized suppliers.


The billets go through the extrusion process, becoming profiles in the most varied shapes and sizes.

Production of parts

The profiles can be used in their original form or they can go through various processes of forming, machining, welding, surface treatments and assembly, giving rise to more complex parts.


The aluminum profiles and parts are used in light and heavy vehicles, appliances, frames, and industrial equipment, among other items, and are present in everyday life.


After being used, the products and aluminum have the advantage of being recyclable, being smelted and returning to the beginning of the production cycle.

Prolind's Areas of Operation

Prolind’s quality is assured by continuous investment in excellence and the use of state-of-the-art technology. Our portfolio caters to all market segments, ensuring competitiveness in the use of aluminum in its multiple applications.

Aluminum is commonly used in transport worldwide. It can considerably reduce the weight of projects, which allows a significant reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels and, consequently, the emission of pollutant gases. In addition to the automotive segment, aluminum is widely used in the naval, aeronautical and railroad industries.
Aluminum alloys are used in several segments of the industrial market, with an emphasis on residential stairs, bicycles, furniture, elevators and even aeronautical equipment. Its diversity of applications is due to its low linear weight, resistance to oxidation and mechanical properties.
Another great advantage of aluminum is its electrical and thermal conductivity - characteristics that mean it can be used in heat sinks, electrical busbars, luminaires, capacitors and condensers. The metal is also used in the most modern sustainable energy projects, such as wind and solar power.
Civil Construction
Civil Construction
The most well-known applications for aluminum profiles and components in civil construction are windows, doors and residential frames. Its mechanical resistance also allows it to be used in several other areas of construction, such as structures for large event stages, asphalt blankets, urban signs and scaffolding.

Integrated Management Policy

At Prolind Industrial we produce extruded profiles, aluminum parts and assemblies for the market in general, meeting our clients’ expectations. Our activities are based on the principle of prevention and mitigation of risks for clients, the environment, occupational safety and the community where we operate. To this end we are committed to:

  • Operating in accordance with legal and other requirements applicable to our business
  • Protecting the environment, including the prevention of pollution, the sustainable use of resources and the protection of biodiversity
  • Identifying, monitoring and eliminating hazards and risks to occupational health, as well as accidents, diseases and occupational injuries, always protecting the welfare of our employees
  • Involving and stimulating our employees and partners to achieve their objectives and guarantee product quality
  • Investing in the continuous development, training and awareness of our employees
  • Applying continuous improvement in our processes to increase client satisfaction and environmental performance

SustainabilityOur Principles

  • 1. Respect, understand and comply with environmental instructions on waste disposal
  • 2. Promote the continuous improvement of our activities
  • 3. Separate waste correctly
  • 4. Not waste water or electricity
  • 5. Reduce unnecessary consumption
  • 6. Reuse and recover as much as possible before disposal
  • 7. Be an environmental multiplier

Commercial Representatives

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+55 (12) 3908.5999

Marco Aurélio – Extruded Division

+55 (81) 98210.9988

Juliano Trevisan – Extruded Division

+55 (41) 99668.7952

Olmar Lima – Extruded Division

+55 (54) 99207.0768

Paulo Couto – Metals

+55 (19) 99141.1881

Silvia Magnani – Extruded Division (Greater Sao Paulo)

+55 (11) 99728.5031


+55 (12) 3908.5999

Marco Aurélio – Extruded Division

+55 (81) 98210.9988

Juliano Trevisan – Extruded Division

+55 (41) 99668.7952

Olmar Lima – Extruded Division

+55 (54) 99207.0768

Paulo Couto – Metals

+55 (19) 99141.1881

Silvia Magnani – Extruded Division (Greater Sao Paulo)

+55 (11) 99728.5031

Join Prolind´s Team

Working at Prolind is being part of a welcoming, collaborative environment that pursues organizational excellence. We believe that through the appreciation of our people we will have a team that is engaged in taking on new challenges and, consequently, developing their professional careers. We value talent, investing in the training and development of our professionals. Our relationship is based on values, respect for diversity and defined policies. If you identify with us and wish to join our team, register your résumé and follow us on social media.